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KC Spurs Black 

The KC Spurs Black squads are highly competitive travel teams dedicated to not only improving player's skill sets but to prepare them for the opportunity to play at the college level.  The KC Spurs Black squads will practice twice a week and play in the most competitive tournaments nation wide. These teams will play in approximately 11 tournaments during April, May and July.  Grades must be kept up as traveling will require leaving on Friday a couple of times during the school year.

KC Spurs Silver/Grey

The KC Spurs Silver and Grey squads are competitive teams dedicated to improving as individuals and team players. Silver and Grey teams will practice 2-3 times a week and play in 2-3 tournaments a month during April, May and July.  These teams will minimize travel while playing in competitive NCAA sanctioned tournaments in and around the KC area.  The expectation for these teams is to compete with any team they encounter while entering the best tournaments available regionally. 

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